Group Registration FAQ - Annual Meeting

How is Group Registration different than Individual Registration?

In Group Registration, you can register on behalf of faculty/staff member(s) from your law school. You can also register multiple people at one time. Both types of registration require your AALS username and password to access. Group Registration does not include a discounted registration fee.

Who can use Group Registration?

Anyone who has an AALS account can use this method.

How do I receive my own login to register members of my law school?

If you are a professional staff member of an AALS member or fee-paid law school and do not have an AALS username, or are uncertain, please contact the Registration team.

Can I use Group Registration to register only one person?

Yes. The benefit of this registration method is that one member of a law school’s faculty/staff has the ability to perform the registration for other members – even a single other person.

Is there a limit on how many people I can register with Group Registration?

There is no limit, but we have found that more errors occur with larger groups. We recommend that you register large groups in batches of 5 people at a time. Register the first five, then log out with the Login/logout link in the bottom right corner (do not use the link in the top right corner) and log back in to register. This clears the system and reduces chances of errors. Please note it may take a couple of minutes to move from screen to screen.

Can I use this method to register myself?

Yes. Simply choose your name under the “Add Registrant” option. However, if you are only registering yourself, it is easier to use Individual Registration.

What is Group Registration?

The “Register multiple people” button at the top of the page will bring you to Group Registration. This method allows one user to register someone else, or to register multiple attendees at a time. For more information, please visit the FAQ page.

How do I add someone to my school if their name does not appear in the Group Registration system?

First contact your Dean’s Office to ensure that the faculty/staff member is listed on your school’s AALS Roster. For further assistance with this process please email Support.

Do individual faculty/staff members receive notification that I have registered them?

Yes, they receive a copy of their personalized invoice and hotel instructional emails. This is sent automatically by the AALS registration system.

Can I have a copy of the registration invoice(s) sent to my email account?

Yes, there is a place to insert your email address to receive a copy of both the itemized invoice and the hotel instructional emails.

Why is the credit card billing address already filled out?

Because it refers to your school’s billing address with AALS, which may not be tied to the credit card you are using for payment. Do not change this address. It will not cause your credit card to be declined.

Why do I receive the error “Item Not Found” when I press Submit on the payment screen?

Because the credit card information is incorrect. It does not mean the card has been declined. It means it has not been found. Double check that the card information is entered correctly and submit again. If you continue to receive this error, please contact the Registration team.