Ticketed Events FAQ – Annual Meeting

How can I purchase tickets for meal events, field trips, or workshops in advance?

You can most easily purchase them during your initial registration. Simply add them on.

If you have already registered and would like to add an event or session to your completed registration, see the next question. Advance purchase of your ticket is recommended, as they will only be for sale onsite until the close of business the day prior to each event. Tickets are not sold at the door.

How do I add a ticketed event to my completed registration?

Use the online system. A confirmation email will be sent whenever you make changes to your registration. Please email the Registration team with other questions or concerns.

How do I add sessions that do not require a ticket to my completed registration?

Use the same online registration system or by send an email to the Registration team. A confirmation email will be sent whenever you make changes to your registration.

Why is the AALS Luncheon not listed in the program?

The AALS Luncheon has been replaced by the AALS Opening Plenary, held on Thursday, Jan 3 from 8:30 – 10:15 am. This change allows all attendees to hear the meeting’s keynote speaker without having to incur the expense of a hotel lunch.

Can I purchase a Section breakfast or luncheon ticket for my spouse/partner?

Yes, through the online registration system. A confirmation email will be sent when the purchase has been completed. Please email the Registration team with any other questions.

Can my spouse/partner attend ticketed events without purchasing a registration?

No. Spouse/partner attendees must have a spouse/partner registration to purchase ticketed events.

Can I purchase a ticket for my spouse/partner to attend a field trip?

Field trips have limited space and priority is given to law school faculty and professional staff. Tickets for a spouse or significant other may be available for purchase onsite but are subject to availability. Email the Registration team with questions.

Who do I contact if I have questions about registration?

For questions about registration – including cancellations, refunds, or substitutions – please email the Registration team.