Hot Topic Programs – Annual Meeting

Hot Topic Programs closed for submission on October 19, 2018.

Hot Topic programs focus on topics that emerged too late in the year to be included in other types of programs. Hot Topic Program proposals that are selected by the committee will be assigned a program time slot that cannot be changed to accommodate speakers due to scheduling constraints.

In addition to following the  general submission guidelines, Hot Topic proposals should include an explanation of why the topic is “hot” and why it was not possible to make the proposal in one of the other program categories with an earlier deadline.

Hot Topic Program Organizers should check the preliminary Annual Meeting program on the AALS website to be sure that there is no direct conflict between the proposed topic and a program already on the schedule. The Committee will narrowly construe this requirement and will try to avoid disqualifying proposals due to conflict with an existing program.

In reviewing Hot Topic Program proposals, the Committee will consider the overall quality of the program, including whether:

  • The proposed topic is “hot” and could not have been made in one of the other program categories with an earlier deadline
  • The program is likely to be of interest to Annual Meeting attendees;
  • There is a diversity of presenters, including diversity of schools, viewpoints, and backgrounds;
  • The proposal is well written and thoughtfully constructed; and
  • Junior participants will be included in the program.

Questions may be directed to Hot Topics.