Symposium Programs – Annual Meeting

Symposium Programs closed for submission on May 11.

Symposium programs are full-day or half-day programs that focus on an in-depth scholarly exploration of a topic of academic interest. The Committee encourages symposium program organizers to arrange for the publication of the papers in a journal or edited volume.

In addition to following the general submission guidelines set forth above, symposium proposals should also include:

  • An abstract of up to 750 words describing the program and its anticipated contribution to legal scholarship.
  • Abstracts of up to 250 words describing each proposed symposium paper.
  • If requesting a full-day or half-day Symposium.
  • A description of any publication arrangement (or potential arrangement) for the program in a journal or edited volume.

If the Symposium will be published in a student-edited law review, the AALS will waive the registration fee for up to two student editors to attend the Annual Meeting.

In reviewing Symposium Program proposals, the Committee will consider the overall quality of the program, including whether:

  • The abstracts reflect papers that are likely to contribute substantially to the scholarship in the field;
  • The program is likely to be of interest to Annual Meeting attendees;
  • There is a diversity of presenters, including diversity of schools, viewpoints, and backgrounds;
  • The proposal is well written and thoughtfully constructed; and
  • Junior participants will be included in the program.

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