Open Source Programs – Annual Meeting

Proposals Due: April 12, 2019

Proposals should follow the general guidelines.

In addition to interdisciplinary programs that cut across the interests of two or more sections, Open Source programs can address themes outside the scope of any existing section. Open Source programs can also focus on specific issues such as recent cases or developments in a given area of law.

Open Source programs can take many shapes, and we welcome proposals for Open Source programs that depart from the typical format of having participants present 10 – 20 minute talks. For example:

  • Organizers could submit a proposal for a roundtable style program in which participants answer a series of questions posed by the moderator and the audience.
  • Open Source program participants could engage in one or more role-play sessions.
  • Open Source programs can also invite extended engagement with specific scholarly work, such as an “Author Meets Reader” program to discuss a significant new book or a “Living Legend” program that invites attention to the overall work of an established scholarly figure.
  • Open Source programs could consist of short presentations, coupled with questions designed to set the presentations against one another in an effort to foster debate and discussion.

Proposals for Open Source programs may reserve one or more spots for participants selected from responses to a call for participation. Participants selected from a call for participation must be identified no later than September 29, 2019.

Open Source Program proposals are due April 12, 2019 and should be submitted using the online submission form.

Questions may be directed to AALS Open Source Submissions.