Terms & Conditions - Annual Meeting


1.  Insurance: The exhibitor shall agree to acquire at its own expense, general liability insurance with the following minimum limits of $1,000,000 per occurrence, $1,000,000 aggregate. The policy must include blanket contractual liability and must name as additional insured: (1) AALS, 1614 20th St. NW, Washington, DC 20009 (2) Convention Handling Services (the exhibit management company) PO Box 200511, San Antonio, TX 78202, and (3) Marriott Marquis, 901 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001.  Proof of this coverage by copy of insurance certificate is required prior to assignment of booth space.  The exhibitor shall, also agree at its own expense to procure and maintain throughout the term of this contract, worker’s compensation and occupational disease insurance in full compliance with all federal and state laws covering all of the exhibitor’s employees engaged in the performance of any work for the exhibitor. A waiver of subrogation in favor of AALS, the exhibit management company, Hotel and the AALS Annual Meeting, shall be endorsed onto the workers compensation policy.   Automobile liability coverage with minimum limits of $1,000,000 shall also be maintained by the exhibitor.  All insurance shall remain in force throughout the event. A minimum of 30 days’ notice of coverage termination must be given to each additional insured on the policy.  All property of the exhibitor is understood to remain under its care, custody and control while in transit to, within, and in transit from the confines of the exhibitor hall.

2. Management:  The exhibit will be conducted under the direction of the Association of American Law Schools (hereinafter referred to as AALS).  AALS reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to accept or refuse an application, to make rules and regulations or changes in arrangements as it shall deem necessary, and to amend the same from time to time.  AALS shall have the final determination and enforcement of all rules, regulations and conditions.   All exhibit space, regardless of location, may be open only during the hours designated by AALS.

3. Standard Booth:  All booths are 10′ x 10′ with an 8′ high flameproof back wall drapery.  A standard booth will carry the exhibitor’s name and booth number.  One “full” registration and unlimited “exhibits only” registrations will be provided to exhibitors for each booth purchased for non-law school exhibitor personnel. 

4. Floor Plan:  Dimensions/locations shown on the floor plan are approximate.  The exhibit hall is carpeted; ceiling height is 22’.   AALS will assign the location of all exhibits.  

5. Furnishings:  Furniture and/or additional draping, accessories, signs, electrical outlets, etc. are the responsibility of the exhibitor and should be ordered in advance from the AALS official show decorator.   Exhibitor kits will be sent to exhibitors after applications are accepted and confirmed.  All decorative materials must be fire-resistant.

6. Cancellation:  Cancellation of booth space must be made in writing to AALS.  An administrative fee of 20% of the contracted booth(s) fee(s) will be assessed upon all cancellations.  No refunds will be given to exhibitors who cancel after December 5, 2023.  AALS will confirm receipt of all cancellation notices.  AALS will only honor cancellation requests whose receipt has been confirmed.

7. Acceptability and Appearance of Exhibits:  All exhibits shall be to serve the interests of AALS and its affiliates and shall be operated in such a way that will not detract from other exhibits and the exhibition or the meeting as a whole.  AALS reserves the right to require the immediate withdrawal of any exhibit AALS believes not to be in accordance with the purpose of the Association.   Acceptance of an applicant does not imply endorsement by the AALS of exhibitor’s products or services; nor does rejection imply lack of merit of same.  Each exhibit must be attractive in appearance.  Unfinished side or end panels must be draped.  

8.  No Assignment or Subletting:  The rights of an exhibitor are not assignable to any other firm or persons whatsoever.  No exhibitor may assign, sublet or apportion the whole or any part of the space allotted him nor exhibit therein any other goods than those manufactured or sold in the regular course of business by the exhibitor.

9. Installation and Dismantling of Exhibits:  All installation and dismantling of exhibits must be carried out during the time indicated in the accompanying exhibit information.  No exhibit may be erected after the exhibition opens or dismantled before the closing time.  The exhibit area must be completely set up by Wednesday, January 3 at 11:00 a.m.  Exhibitors may obtain access to the Exhibit Hall at 7:00 a.m. on Wednesday, January 3 to begin installation. If any space remains unoccupied or display material unset one hour prior to show opening, AALS reserves the right to either remove all materials from the show floor and strike booth or require the decorator to set the booth.  Exhibitor will be liable for all costs incurred.  Exhibits may not be dismantled before 5:00 p.m. Friday, January 5. Compliance with dismantle hour will be strictly enforced.  Everything must be removed from the hall by 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, January 6.  If spaces are not vacated by that time, AALS reserves the right to remove materials and charge the expense to the exhibitor.  AALS will not be liable if damage to the materials is caused by such removal. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to see that all materials are delivered to the Exhibit Hall and removed from the Exhibit Hall during the specified installation and dismantling hours.  

10. Personnel:  In order to conform to union contract rules and regulations, it will be necessary that all exhibitors use qualified union personnel for installation and dismantling of exhibits and for material handling within the show.  If an exhibitor chooses to use a company other than the official decorator to install/dismantle the exhibit, proper insurance documents must be forwarded to AALS and the official decorator 30 days in advance of the show.  The handling, placing or setting out of merchandise that is to be displayed does not require union labor and may be done by exhibitor.  In addition, the installation or dismantling of an exhibit which does not require the use of hand tools, or more than one person, and can be accomplished within thirty minutes, may be performed by an exhibitor representative. The official decorator is responsible for maintaining in and out traffic schedules of the Exhibit Hall.   Exhibitors, including local companies, should steer all movement of exhibit materials through the official decorator.  Union jurisdiction allows hand-carried items only and will not permit exhibitors’ use of dollies, hand trucks or pushcarts.

11. Drayage: Advance shipments of drayage material must be made through the AALS appointed drayage company, Convention Handling Services, which will start accepting freight Monday, December 4.  The Hotel cannot accept direct shipments.  Detailed shipping information will be specified in the Exhibitor Services Manual. All costs incurred will be charged to the exhibitor by the drayage company.

12. Fire and Safety Regulations:  All exhibitor materials must conform to national, state and local fire and safety codes.  No combustible materials shall be used at any time. “Fire-proofed” paper is not considered non-combustible as interpreted by fire inspectors and is not permitted.   All inflammable materials must be kept in safety containers.  All local regulations will be strictly enforced and the exhibitor assumes all responsibility for compliance with such regulations.  All decorations and booth equipment must be fireproofed and electrical wiring must meet the safety requirements of the official service contractor.  No combustible materials shall be stored around exhibit booths.  Electrical installation must conform to Union rules and regulations and to all national, state and local codes, as well as facility regulations.

13. Compliance with Regulations:  Exhibitor participants, their employees, representatives or agents, may not bring or allow any articles to be brought into the hotel or any act performed on the premises of the hotel that will or may invalidate the insurance coverage or reduce the insurance coverage of the exhibitor, nor shall they permit any actions by their employees, exhibitor participants, or agents that will or may damage the property of the hotel.  No signs or articles can be affixed, nailed or otherwise attached to walls, doors, etc., in such a manner as to damage them.  All space is leased subject to these restrictions.  Participants will be held liable for any damage resulting from violations of these rules.  

14. Security:  AALS will provide Security Guards when the Exhibit Hall is open and closed.  The protection of the property of the exhibitors shall at all times be the sole responsibility of each exhibitor.  Neither AALS nor the Hotel accepts any responsibility for any loss, theft, or damage to an exhibit’s display or materials; it is recommended that exhibitors carry insurance to cover any losses.  

15. Circularization and Solicitation:  Distribution of circulars or promotional material may be made only within the booth assigned to the exhibitor presenting such material.  Circulars or promotional material may not be distributed or left for attendees to pick up in the aisles, registration areas or anywhere else in the convention facility outside of the exhibitor’s assigned booth space.

16. Music Licensing:  Exhibitor agrees to pay when due all royalties, license fees or other charges accruing or becoming due to any firm, person or corporation by reason of any music, either live or recorded, or other entertainment of any kind or nature, played, staged or produced by the Exhibitor, its agents, or employees within the premises covered by this License Agreement including but not limited to, royalties or licensing fees due to BMI, ASCAP or SESAC.  Exhibitor agrees to hold AALS harmless against any and all such claims and charges.

17. Hold Harmless Clause:  Exhibitor assumes entire responsibility and hereby agrees to protect, defend and save AALS, staff and its representatives, the Hotel, the owner of the building in which the exhibit facility is located, and their employees and agents harmless against all claims, losses and damages to persons or property, governmental charges or fines and attorney’s fees arising out of or caused by exhibitor’s installation, removal, maintenance, occupancy or use of the exhibition premises or part thereof excluding any such liability caused by the sole negligence of AALS, staff, the Hotel, the owner of the building in which the exhibit facility is located, and their employees and agents.  In addition, exhibitor acknowledges that AALS, staff and its representatives, the Hotel, the owner of the building in which the exhibit facility is located, do not maintain insurance covering exhibitor’s property and that it is the sole responsibility of exhibitor to obtain business interruption and property damage insurance covering such losses as exhibitor.  This agreement shall be construed solely as a license for the use of the exhibit space to be occupied by the exhibitor, and the exhibitor agrees that it has not relied on any oral or written representations not contained in this agreement.  AALS disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability and/or fitness with respect to the services or material furnished to the exhibitor in connection herewith.  

18.  Termination of Event.   If AALS determines that the premises where the show is to be held have become unfit for occupancy, of if the premises are materially interfered with by reason of strike, embargo, injunction, act of war, act of God, any other emergency, or any act or event not the fault of AALS, the agreement may be terminated by AALS. In the event of such termination, the exhibitor waives any and all damages and agrees that AALS may, after deducting all costs and expenses, including a reserve for claims, refund to the exhibitor as a complete settlement and discharge of said exhibitor’s claim and demands, his/her pro rata amount of all monies paid by all exhibitors. 

19. Interpretation, Amendments, Enforcement:  This agreement is our entire understanding, shall not be binding until signed by both of us, and no waiver or amendment shall be binding and valid unless in writing and signed by U.S.  Your rights are not assignable.  This agreement, its validity, construction, and effect, shall be governed by the laws of the District of Columbia.  You hereby consent to jurisdiction regarding any dispute concerning this agreement in the courts of the District of Columbia.  Should any provision of this Agreement be held void or unenforceable, such finding shall not preclude enforcement of the remaining parts of this agreement.