Beware of Housing Pirates and Poachers! - FAQ - Annual Meeting

Maritz Global Events is the only company that handles AALS Annual Meeting hotel reservations for the 2024 Annual Meeting. In the past, registrants have sometimes been contacted with offers for cut-rate housing from companies impersonating AALS or presenting themselves as an alternative to Maritz. These offers are not valid.

When AALS secures guest rooms at hotels for our Annual Meeting (commonly referred to as room blocks), we research the properties to make certain that our attendees will be adequately accommodated. The room block is established to ensure that guest rooms meet our standards and are offered at the discounted price.

Don’t be misled! If you are contacted by anyone trying to sell you a room for the Annual Meeting, please do not make a reservation or provide a method of payment. We ask that you get as much information as you can about the caller and pass it on Mary Cullen, Associate Director of Meetings.