AALS Annual Meeting FAQ – Annual Meeting

Most of the questions we receive about the Annual Meeting are answered in these FAQs. If you read them carefully and still can’t find what you need, contact us.


What are the registration deadlines?

  • Early Bird: November 14
  • Advanced: January 1, 2019
  • Onsite: January 6, 2019

All registrations submitted by regular mail or fax must be received by AALS no later than December 14. If you miss the advanced deadline, you may register online at the onsite rate or in person when the onsite registration desk opens on January 2.

What is the Institutional Advancement registration type?

Institutional Advancement is only for professional staff attending the two-day Section on Institutional Advancement program. It does not include other Annual Meeting programs or events. Law school faculty who want to attend IA sessions should purchase a full meeting registration.

May my spouse or partner attend the Annual Meeting?

If you will be attending the full meeting and your spouse or partner is not faculty or staff of a law school, you may purchase a $35 spouse/partner registration at the same time as your own full meeting registration. You may also add it to your registration onsite at the meeting. If your spouse/partner is a law school faculty/staff member, they may not attend using this registration and should instead purchase their own full meeting registration.

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellations must be made in writing and submitted by no later than December 14, 2018. A refund of all registration fees, minus a $50 processing fee, will be issued to these requests. Cancellations received after this date, as well as no-shows to the Annual Meeting, are not eligible to receive refunds of registration fees. Cancellation requests can be made by email or by regular mail to:

AALS Registration
c/o Erick Brown
1614 20th St NW
Washington, DC 20009

Do you offer a one-day or per-session/event registration rate?

No. Registration is for the entire Annual Meeting.

Can I transfer my registration to another member of my law school if I’m unable to attend?

Yes. There is no charge to transfer a registration to another faculty/staff member of the same law school. Requests can be submitted until January 1, 2019.

How do I submit a registration transfer?

The person currently registered must send a transfer request in writing via email to AALS Registration, fax to (202) 872-1829, or mail to:

AALS Registration
1614 20th St NW
Washington, DC 20009

Requests must arrive at AALS by January 1, 2019, and must include a written authorization asking to cancel and transfer your registration. Include the name of the individual who will receive the registration in your place. The substitute registrant must fill out a registration form (submit form by fax or mail if including credit card payment information).

What is my AALS username and password?

To register for the event, you will need a username and password. Your username is typically your school-affiliated email address. If you have never used our online registration before, check to see if you are in the AALS database by entering your email address into the Password Center If you are in the database, the portal will send you login instructions for creating or resetting a password. If you are not in the database, please contact AALS support.

How do I register if I do not want to pay by credit card online?

Online registration using our secure website is strongly encouraged. We also offer the option to submit a    paper registration form by fax to (202) 872-1829, or by regular mail (using check or credit card payment options). We do not accept registration forms by email.

Does AALS accept payment by electronic direct deposit or wire transfer?


How can I request Access-Related Accommodations for the Annual Meeting?

Please visit the Accessibility page. Contact AALS for assistance.

Ticketed Events

How can I purchase tickets for meal events, field trips, or workshops in advance?

You can most easily purchase them during your initial registration. Simply add them on.

If you have already registered and would like to add an event or session to your completed registration, see the next question. Advance purchase of your ticket is recommended, as they will only be for sale onsite until the close of business the day prior to each event. Tickets are not sold at the door.

How do I add a ticketed event to my completed registration?

Use the online system. A confirmation email will be sent whenever you make changes to your registration. Please email the Registration team with other questions or concerns.

How do I add sessions that do not require a ticket to my completed registration?

Use the same online registration system or by send an email to the Registration team. A confirmation email will be sent whenever you make changes to your registration.

Why is the AALS Luncheon not listed in the program?

The AALS Luncheon has been replaced by the AALS Opening Plenary, held on Thursday, Jan 3 from 8:30 – 10:15 am. This change allows all attendees to hear the meeting’s keynote speaker without having to incur the expense of a hotel lunch.

Can I purchase a Section breakfast or luncheon ticket for my spouse/partner?

Yes, through the online registration system. A confirmation email will be sent when the purchase has been completed. Please email the Registration team with any other questions.

Can my spouse/partner attend ticketed events without purchasing a registration?

No. Spouse/partner attendees must have a spouse/partner registration to purchase ticketed events.

Can I purchase a ticket for my spouse/partner to attend a field trip?

Field trips have limited space and priority is given to law school faculty and professional staff. Tickets for a spouse or significant other may be available for purchase onsite but are subject to availability. Email the Registration team with questions.

Who do I contact if I have questions about registration?

For questions about registration – including cancellations, refunds, or substitutions – please email the Registration team.


Where is AALS Registration located and when is it open?

Registration is open in the Churchill Room, Second Floor, Hilton New Orleans Riverside on:

Wednesday, Jan 2 2 – 8pm
Thursday, Jan 3 7am – 7pm
Friday, Jan 4 7am – 6pm
Saturday, Jan 5 7am – 5pm
Sunday, Jan 6 7 – 10am

Where is the Exhibit Hall located and when is it open?

The Exhibit Hall is open in the Churchill Room, Second Floor, Hilton New Orleans Riverside on:

Wednesday, Jan 2 5 – 8 pm
Thursday, Jan 3 8 am – 6 pm
Friday, Jan 4 8 am – 6 pm
Saturday, Jan 5 8 am – 2 pm

Am I required to wear my badge?

Yes, badges are required for entry into all Annual Meeting sessions and events.

What if I lose my badge?

Visit the Registration Desk in the Churchill Room, Second Floor, Hilton New Orleans Riverside to have a new badge printed for a $10 replacement fee.

When is the AALS Plenary Program Keynote?

The AALS Opening Plenary Session– Access to Justice will be held on Thursday, Jan 3 from 8:30 – 10:15 am, featuring Justice Edwin Cameron, Constitutional Court of South Africa, and Wendy C. Perdue, AALS President and Dean, The University of Richmond School of Law.

When is the AALS Orientation Session for First Time Meeting Attendees?

Wednesday, Jan 2 from 5:30pm – 6:30pm.

What type of clothing is recommended?

Most attendees wear business casual attire to Annual Meeting programs and events. Also, it is advised that you bring a jacket or sweater, as meeting rooms can sometimes be cooler than expected.

Can I get CLE credits for attending the Annual Meeting?

No. We provide a sign-in sheet for attendees from states for whom acknowledgment of attendance at a session is sufficient. If you need verification that you attended a session, sign into the session onsite and request a letter of attendance after the meeting. You will need to provide date, time, and title of the session.


How do I book a room at the headquarters hotel?

You must register for the meeting first. Your registration confirmation email from AALS has a link with instructions for booking a hotel room. All bookings must be made through our partner hotel reservation service, Experient.

Can I make a hotel reservation by calling the hotel directly?

No. AALS meeting hotels will only accept online reservations made through our housing service partner, Experient.

I’m mailing in my Annual Meeting registration. When should I expect my hotel instructional email?

Your registration confirmation and hotel instructional emails will be sent in 2–3 weeks, after your registration has been fully processed.

What should I do if I can’t locate my hotel instructional email?

First, check your spam folder. If you still can’t find it, email the Registration team to have a copy re-sent to you.

Who do I contact if I am having trouble with the online hotel booking system?

Email Experient directly with any technical difficulties. AALS staff does not have access to the online booking system and cannot assist you directly with this process.

Will I receive confirmation of my hotel reservation?

Yes, Experient will email a reservation acknowledgment within 72 hours of processing your reservation. Email Experient directly with questions.

What is the hotel deadline?

Wednesday, December 19, 2018 is the last day to process new reservations, changes, and cancellations. We recommend that you book early to ensure you receive your desired accommodations. If you have not made your reservation by December 19, visit the Housing website for instructions about hotel availability and how to reserve a room. All reservations will be transferred Experient to the hotels on Thursday, December 20.

How do I change or cancel my reservation?

Use the link, email address, or phone number provided in the hotel confirmation email from Experient to make changes or cancel your reservation until 5pm (CST) on December 19, 2018. For changes or cancellations after December 19, you must wait until December 26, when you can contact the hotel directly.

Is there a guarantee required for the hotel? If so, is it refundable?

A valid credit card with an expiration date of January 2019 or later is required to secure your room reservation. Credit cards will not be processed prior to your arrival.

What is the cancellation policy?

Reservations may be cancelled by 6 pm on scheduled arrival date with no charge or penalty. For cancels after 6 pm or failure to check in on the arrival date, one night’s room charge and tax will be charged to the credit card used to make the reservation.

How do I reserve a room if I’m sharing it with a colleague or bringing family members?

Designate one person to make the online hotel reservation. List all occupants when making the reservation, including children and their ages. Children under the age of 18 may stay free of charge in a parent’s room. There is an additional charge of $20 per person, per night for more than two adults (age 18+) sharing a room. You should notify the hotel at check in if any of the guests in your room are under age 18 and exempt from the extra person charge.

How can I request Access-Related Accommodations?

Indicate the accommodations needed when making your hotel reservation.

Group Registration

How is Group Registration different than Individual Registration?

In Group Registration, you can register on behalf of faculty/staff member(s) from your law school. You can also register multiple people at one time. Both types of registration require your AALS username and password to access.

Who can use Group Registration?

Anyone who has an AALS account can use this method.

How do I receive my own login to register members of my law school?

If you are a professional staff member of an AALS member or fee-paid law school and do not have an AALS username, or are uncertain, please contact the Registration team.

Is there a discount for using Group Registration?


Can I use Group Registration to register only one person?

Yes. The benefit of this registration method is that one member of a law school’s faculty/staff has the ability to perform the registration for other members – even a single other person.

Is there a limit on how many people I can register with Group Registration?

There is no limit, but we have found that more errors occur with larger groups. We recommend that you register large groups in batches of 5 people at a time. Register the first five, then log out with the Login/logout link in the bottom right corner (do not use the link in the top right corner) and log back in to register. This clears the system and reduces chances of errors. Please note it may take a couple of minutes to move from screen to screen.

Can I use this method to register myself?

Yes. Simply choose your name under the “Add Registrant” option. However, if you are only registering yourself, it is easier to use Individual Registration.

How do I add someone to my school if their name does not appear in the Group Registration system?

First contact your Dean’s Office to ensure that the faculty/staff member is listed on your school’s AALS Roster. For further assistance with this process please email Support.

Do individual faculty/staff members receive notification that I have registered them?

Yes, they receive a copy of their personalized invoice and hotel instructional emails. This is sent automatically by the AALS registration system.

Can I have a copy of the registration invoice(s) sent to my email account?

Yes, there is a place to insert your email address to receive a copy of both the itemized invoice and the hotel instructional emails.

Why is the credit card billing address already filled out?

Because it refers to your school’s billing address with AALS, which may not be tied to the credit card you are using for payment. Do not change this address. It will not cause your credit card to be declined.

Why do I receive the error “Item Not Found” when I press Submit on the payment screen?

Because the credit card information is incorrect. It does not mean the card has been declined. It means it has not been found. Double check that the card information is entered correctly and submit again. If you continue to receive this error, please contact the Registration team.


What do the different types of sessions/programs mean?

AALS Section Programs (75% of Annual Meeting sessions) –Most of these programs are 95 minutes long, though some extended programs with multiple sessions can last a whole morning and/or afternoon.

  • Call for Papers Programs include at least one presenter selected based on a call for papers.
  • Joint Programs are organized by two or more Sections that do not hold any other programs.
  • Co-Sponsored Programs are organized by two or more Sections that do hold other programs.
  • Section Pedagogy Programs are designed for new law school teachers.
  • Section Works-in-Progress are programs in which senior scholars assist junior scholars in preparing their scholarship for submission to law reviews.

Selected by the AALS Program Committee (25% of Annual Meeting sessions):

  • Academy Programs are traditional scholarly programs that do not fit into any of the other program categories.
  • Discussion Groups are unique programs in which a small group of discussants selected in advance by the Annual Meeting Program Committee (via invitation or selection from a call for participation) conduct focused discussion on a specific topic. There will be limited seating for audience members to observe on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Hot Topic Programs include late-breaking issues of general interest.
  • Symposia are half-day or day-long opportunities to examine a specific issue topic in greater depth than is possible during a regular panel program.
  • Arc of Career programs are specifically designed to help law faculty with professional development over the course of their law school careers from pre-tenure, to reinvention at mid-career, to retirement. They are selected by the AALS Task Force on Professional Development.