Plan Your Trip – Annual Meeting

In this little corner of the American South, where European traditions blend with Caribbean influences, the history is as colorful as the local architecture.

It’s a city of chefs and delectable cuisine—a unique blend of French, Spanish, Caribbean and African cultural influences. With more than 1,400 restaurants, the city offers incomparable dining and unforgettable cuisine. A cultural gumbo, New Orleans celebrates our differences. In fact, you can celebrate almost anything in the Big Easy. They have a saying: laissez les bons temps rouler. Let the good times roll! It’s a reminder of the city’s French heritage, and a way of life that began three centuries ago and remains today.

New Orleans is many things: the Crescent City, a sportsman’s paradise, the birthplace of jazz, a sensory overload with an authentic spirit. Come and experience the most celebrated and historic core of the city, most within walking distance of the AALS headquarters hotel.

The magic is irresistible. New Orleans is truly…a place like no other.



What to do

Because most of the city’s restaurants, attractions, tours, accommodations and event venues are within walking distance of each other, it’s easy to get around the “Big Easy” and is the perfect setting for networking.

Start out by exploring some of these 50 free things to do in New Orleans! Planning to bring your family? We’ve got a pre-planned, hourly schedule of family-friendly activities that your kids will love.

Where to Go


Bonus: Talk like a local

Following a banquette riverside to check out some Cities of the Dead, but you’ve found yourself blocked by a secondline at Tchoupitoulas Street? NOLA has a unique dialect all its own. Get into practice with this handy glossary and pronunciation guide.